Thursday, October 4, 2007



Our earth rotates from east to west and advances in the north east direction at an angle of 23.5 degrees with north.

As the earth advances in the north east direction with a continuous spontaneous velocity, all the natural energies like wind,light, etc. comes from the north east direction and leaves off through south west direction.

Hence the north east corner of our house/plot receives the energy form the universe and it activates our environment and house, if the house is properly proportioned, positioned, and oriented with respect nature.

As the energy leaves through south west corner of our house/plot, in order to keep the energy within our premises, north and east side of our house should be of having more openings and south and west side have minimum openings.

Vastu Shasthram tells us how to organize our premises efficiently so as to get the full benefits of “Panja Boothas” of nature namely

1.Earth, 2. Water, 3. Fire, 4. Air, 5.Space.

If the influence of any one of the above is lacking in our house, it will result in unhealthy situation, which may gradually leads to a problem.

Vastu Shasthram also tells us how to make use of the Bioforce derived from each direction (North Pole represents positive energy and South Pole represents negative energy).

The relationship of five elements of our earth with our planetary system and its influence in human being is as follows.

The table below shows how the directions are related with five elements on earth.

The concept of Vastu Purusha, the divine form of Lord Maha Vishnu in Hindu mithology says that, the body of Vastu Purusha forms the earth crust.

Vastu Purusha supposed to lie on earth with head towards north east corner and hands on either side (North West and South East) and legs on South West corner.

Hence any construction over the earth crest should be in accordance with the above and in harmoney with Vastu Purusha.

The proportional dimensioning of the plot, such as length to width and its perimeter should be in such way that it should not give any disturbances to the Vastu Purusha, who is supposed to lie with in your plot.

If all the above criteria are satisfied during the construction of you house,as per vastu sastra, it will bring happiness, money and prosperity to your home as the time passes.

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